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COX’S BAZAR GOVERNMENT MAHILA COLLEGE, situated in the heart of the city is a pioneering institution of higher education for women in the district of Cox’s Bazar. Widely known for crowning the glorious title of being the longest sea-beach of the world, this place of idyllic beauty is no less popular with the world for its never-ending source of natural and mineral resources. With more than three million people, this paradise-like place has been playing a pivotal role in fortifying the national exchequer through tourism, salt, fisheries and dry-fish industries over the years. Despite making important contribution to collecting revenue, it however, played a dismal role in matter of women education. It was appallingly unfortunate for women in this region to find no access to higher education, notwithstanding their extra-ordinary performances in primary, secondary and other varied spheres only due to the lack of a specialized institution for them. Moreover, the atavistic appetance fostered by people of this once unadvanced area for not allowing their women to pursue higher education enjoying the freedom of moving to any part of the country stood as a great stumbling block to the building of a progressive egalitarian society. But this situation was not allowed to run unbridled. A political messiah felt the prevalence of that vacuity. Being a maverick, unlike many he comprehended that without setting up a specialized institution for deprived women, the dream of an advanced Cox’s Bazar would be like building castles in the air. So, fostering a noble intention, he took all out initiatives with unbounded enthusiasm to found a specialized college for women with a view to facilitating education. No more with us today, this man is Mr.Osman Sarwar Alam Chy, a former parliamentarian, an ambassador, a social reformer and most importantly an aficionado of knowledge. Relentless in effort, he finally came out successful in turning his dream into reality by establishing this college in 1986. Those who held out their helping hands to this colossal task were a few respected members of the society, benefactors of education, ministers and officials from different strata of Govt.and even donators from home and abroad. The name of Mr. Addles Berger from German Bavarian Red cross is highly mentionable in this regard. And those who acted as catalysts and those without whose benevolent efforts, the establishment of the college would not see the light of the day were of course, the founding principal, teachers and other officials as well. At last the auspicious moment of their relentless endeavour and whole-hearted dedication came on 16th March, 1997, the day when Education Ministry issued an order declaring the nationalization of the college, later tuned into application 7th April, 1997. Within 3 years of its journey as a Govt. college, one of the students named Ferzia Akter Rimi brought a glittering glory for us by standing fifth in order of merit among all boys and girls in HSC Exam under Chittagong Board. With the passage of time, the institution has got a strong foundation with the introduction of Business Studies alongside Humanities, Science, BA/ BSS (pass course).The recent creation of eight permanent new posts for teachers adds momentum to smooth functioning of academic schedule and inside the college campus, the building of a memorial upholding the dignity of our independence bears a great significance. These are all the benchmarks of positive progress and continuous success. Now fully equipped with a faculty of well qualified teachers and their undivided devotion to their service under the guidance of an accomplished principal, Professor Md.Nur Nobi, the college is now full of life and rhythm catering congenial environment for education. With the vivacious presence of jubilant students, this educational institution is going to mark a new horizon of progress by igniting the light of education among women in this southern part of the country.